Trunks – On The Roof

I love the vibe on this Trunks record; it’s really playful

A cheeky, enjoyable album post rock in parts, experimental in others, but mostly an endearingly positive and upbeat record: and even better there’s a marvellous example of Franglais on Trunks’ website which sort of sums up the experimental, almost accidental beauty of their music. “Trunks was born with the astonish collaboration of five musicians and likes to call itself not a group, not a band, but more an artistic collaboration. These remarquable musicians for their development come from po-rock music or improvisation and like to meet each other on Jack Kerouac’s road, throught his word; his haikus through their high tensed music.”

I love the vibe on this record; it’s really playful: the opener Hard Fiscury is a bit of a standard post-rock plod, but then things take a more interesting turn. Screaming Idiots is... well, a creaming, squally shard of noise. Blue Dot starts as a quiet moody piece aided by a whispering female vocal, but develops into a bit of a riff-led charge.

The fun inherent in this record is best shown with the middle three tracks; the frenetic, stop start, ultra-simple Derby Master , the endearingly daft Clever White Youth Master and Who Is My Favourite, all of which sound like a mix of a Gong or Faust track and something that a pub band would have knocked together in an afternoon. I like the metallic soul clatter that the guitar and sax make on the last two mentioned. Kniee threatens to get anthemic with its rocky soundscapes, relentless beat and tremulous vocals. And Train Home is a lovely ending the percussion sounds like an old steam puffing away from the station.

All in all a surprising and pretty exhilarating listen in places.