Electric Jellyfish - Trouble Coming Down - Nothing

It’s a shame it’s so short.


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A stomping release, apparently Australia’s Electric Jellyfish are flogging a hundred limited edition tapes of this release - an action which always defeats me in that you can listen to it for nowt and in an easier manner digitally on Bandcamp or some such. I remember tapes too, bloody awkward things… have drawers full of them from the mid ‘80s… The price of fashion eh? Still, my grumblings about trends shouldn’t deflect you from listening to this tremendous single: “A” side Trouble Coming Down starts off as a growling stomp before firing up - ignited by some thrashing guitars and howling vox – and kicking over the traces… “All the girls in the schoolyard know/you’re just nothin’ but trouble” is a cracking line too... It’s a shame it’s so short. “B” side Nothing follows on in a similarly grouchy, though more abstract manner (minor chords and more muted guitars are running the show here) and things finally peter out to a standstill. Certainly worth five minutes of your time.