Super Furry Animals

Super Furry Animals - Dark Days /Light Years

I’ve said it before but this lot are a treasure, a once in a generation band.

Super Furry Animals - Hey Venus

There seems to be an in-band decision to return to the guitars and of Fuzzy Logic and Radiator; Lovekraft's orchestration seems to be a long time in the past.

Gruff Rhys - Candylion

Candylion sees him taking his muse to new heights; presenting it in a way that is more ebullient, more self assured. 

The Back Catalogue of Super Furry Animals

You can just imagine Gruff asking the band; “hey lads, erm... lets do a bad-ass song about an advert featuring a fluffy black chick”.

Incendiary interview Super Furry Animals

Gruff has experienced a fair degree of difficulty with the hotel's pretension of putting a spoon in his portion of nuts. He looks up bewhildered at me. “Erm… so what do you do with this then? Eat them like soup?

Super Furry Animals - Love Kraft

Not perfect, sprawling, messy, very sentimental, a tad ill-disciplined but very close to greatness.

Incendiary talk to Gruff Rhys


Gruff makes ready to go. “Erm I'm going to get a drink. You got any more of them nuts?” (Gruff, for the record has been slyly scoffing all the complimentary nuts the entire length of the interview).


Yr Atal Genhedlaeth - A handy translation


A letter from Gruff Rhys.

"The title is a play on words that doesn't really translate."


Gruff Rhys - Yr Atal Genhedlaeth


I can't get my tongue round those Welsh words. It must be my Scando-Saxon genes.


Gruff Rhys & Jens Lekman - Paradiso, Amsterdam - 27/01/05

"From I Jonathan wannabes to Purple and Orange mountain goats in two hours."

Super Furry Animals - Songbook - The Singles


One band, two reviewers and Belgian beer on draught. A lethal, yet exciting combination.

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