vox von braun

Vox Von Braun / Lost Bear; LVC, Leiden 08/01/10

The hall is filling up slowly with emaciated types with beards and fringes and hair clips. There’s soup on too.

Vox Von Braun, zZz, Kate Jackson deejay set Tivoli, (de Helling), Utrecht 15/11/

First up; why is de Helling so fucking far away?

Incendiary interview Wymer Vaatstra from Vox Von Braun

I like the East of Holland. Before I lived in Groningen, I lived down in Maastricht and… I’m not really attracted to the Randstad, I find it a bit too crowded I guess.  I’d like to live on an island and do my things.

Appie Kim, Hospital Bombers, Vox Von Braun De Nieuwe Anita, Amsterdam 26/09/08

...what’s especially nice about this scene is the mutual support it generates. Members of Eindhoven’s Sugarettes made the journey up, as did some of Groningen’s Subroutine records. Lawks, even designer Viktor Hachmang crept out of the wilds of Noordwijkerhout….

Vox Von Braun - Something Ain’t Wrong

Drawing on a host of recognisable influences, Something Ain’t Wrong nevertheless does what all truly great records do; it synthesizes all the sum of its parts into a meaningful, coherent and attractive body of work...

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