News and Proclamations

Camper Van (Stolen) Beethoven

Great news!

Too much Dad Rock

Stop whinging; the lot of you.

Dutch Pubs

You are, after all, in the pub for one overriding reason, to drink. Heavily.

John Peel, an appreciation

John Peel, dead? At sixty five from a heart attack, if you really must know…Hell.

Incendiary News November 2004

I'll tell you something for nothing. This past month or so has seen the release of some unbelievable albums by people who in another walk of life would be queuing for their free bus passes.

"Soundtrack" Live at the Melkweg, 14/08/04

Still weird, still chaotic and arty. Soundtrack passed the test.

Bloody Dutch Radio

(If you choose to take part in this experiment, we can not be held responsible for any mental problems that occur – simply because if you actually do complete this experiment there is something seriously wrong with your head and therefore should be put down like a knackered old stallion.)

A Heartfelt Plea by Chris Dawson

Music Shouldn't Read Like This

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