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Dealing with Dutch phone companies

Don't mess with fucking fools. In fact, if you can avoid them outside the workplace, I would advise you to do so. Especially ones who go to Chicken Cottage.


Incendiary News May 2005

Hello again!

My first ventures into the Modern Age

Maybe I'm not modern enough.

Getting old

If I ever hear anyone praising graffiti, or even attempting to defend graffiti in any way, I shall strike them down, you hear me?

Incendiary News April 2005

Gosh, aren't you all such lucky people?

Pink Hiplers

In May 2004 we sponsored a night of art and music in Leiden. Here's the evidence.

Incendiary News March 2005

The terrible news about Edwyn Collins has cast a shadow over what promised to be a great month here at Incendiary.

What's new with us?

There be some strange goings on around these parts.

The God-like Genius of Frans Bauer

Frans tells the story of the clown's demise and eventual death. The children sing at the corpse and leave, chastened.

Incendiary News February 2005

Well hello again! SORRY we have been so quiet in January.

Bill's review of 2004

"2004 - That was the year that was. According to Bill."

Mono's review of 2004

Mono provides a vague description of past events.;

Zoe's Best of 2004

"Zoe lists things."

Jules' Review of 2004

Incendiary's favourite librarian sends you all a short note.


There was some fine albums released this year.  Wilco's latest, A Ghost is Born, is notable for it's strength of songwriting, imaginative arrangements and searing guitar work from Jeff Tweedy, but ultimately I'll have to hand the album of the year prize to Brian Wilson's Smile.  Well worth the 37 year wait.  Thanks, Bri.


Richard's Review of 2004

When you get to see Krautrock legends Jaki Leibezeit, Michael Rother, Hans Joachim Rodelius and Dieter Moebius all together in one night, (and actually talk to them afterwards) you can't get better.

Happy New Year

And you thought we'd forgotten about you

Record Companies; Xeno's paradox and the big bang.

Name a big new rock band that cannot be described as the sum of its parts.

Technological blowback in the information age

In the end, of course, the record companies will look to technology to help them out.

Incendiary News December 2004

Jesus what a month (indeed what a month this is for Jesus I suppose, but I digress).

Electric fans on a boat!

Title says it all. You wanna go, don't you?

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