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Incendiary News February 2006

Hello Everyone!

Editors Rant - Bloody tapas.

I find it ridiculous to eat in a (normally) overpriced restaurant with your hands. Eating foodstuffs with your hands in a public place normally involves such hearty fare as fish and chips, pies, burgers and fried chicken; foodstuffs that are often of dubious quality.

Richard's Review of 2005

Sometimes its better to let the artificial commotion surrounding new releases settle down before deciding to listen to, read, or watch something. I've just started to read Dickens for the first time ever, and by today's standards, I'm already 170 years late on doing that.

Bohemians; what is so wrong with being clean and presentable?

Frankly, the music, the preponderance of olives on the menu, the shit art and over-use of galvanized metal in the furnishings, even the idiotic people themselves can carry on with my blessing. I am - contrary to popular received wisdom – a tolerant chap.

Incendiary January 2006 news


Why are people so rude nowadays?

One acquaintance told me that after posting an article on (of all things) chair design, he was told where to go in no uncertain terms; doubtless by some obsessive chair design malcontent. I mean, why get upset about chairs?

Incendiary News December 2005

Sorry we were away for a little while

Incendiary News September 2005

We missed out on the Polyphonic Spree, due to extreme drunkenness, which actually may be a good thing, as we could have lost half of our editorial team to their ranks had the meeting gone ahead…

Incendiary News August 2005

Mr Jon Dekel, flies in to celebrate his 21st birthday on the Lowlands weekend with all his Incendiary chums.


His hair is dyed an unseemly shade of metallic yellow, and his clothes look like they have been stolen from the deceased.

Metropolis Festival - Zuiderpark, Rotterdam - 3/07/2005

Booze, bands and a frisbee. What more do you need?

How to have an Incendiary Summer in 2005

Haldern Festival. Germany. 5/6 August. We're going and so should you!

A marvellous time had by all; Metropolis 2005

Metropolis; a festival where a drummer who shall not be named said that his favourite rodent was a cat........ Hmm...

Incendiary News July 2005

A scorching month behind us bodes well for the rest of the summer festivals does it not?


Cats, furthermore, do it in much more manageable portions, which also seem to calcify at a much brisker rate. In a nutshell, cats know they are responsible for their own shit.

The Sad Passing of Jonathan Dekel

Lights were dimmed in most Amsterdam night-spots this month

Incendiary News June 2005

We've had an interesting month to say the least starting with the shenanigans on Bevrijdingsdag

Where it all began

It all started with an email to some friends.


Flaming Hell, it's June already?

Bloody hell

Dealing with Ignorant Idiots

The last of the good, kind, honest and wise people left should come with me now, adorn their brows with garlands of wild roses and prepare themselves by drinking the annointed mead out of the blessed cups, prepare libations to their ancestors, pour sweet, fragrant oils on the ceremonial pyre prepared for them, and leave this Age of Idiocy.

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