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The products of a warped mind - Incendiary celebrate Warp records

It hurts my Mancunian soul to write these words but it's the label Factory should have been.

Easter: a (sacrilegious) musical miscellany

My contribution to this destructive endeavour is to list some of the best sacrilegious, blasphemous or just plain unholy lyrics that have littered the annals of popular music.

Mac's Madness

Our technical wizard and all round good guy, Mac, is going to jump off a tower in the name of charity.

This is not a review of the new Bonnie “Prince” Billy album.

Elsewhere in the aforementioned press release it states that ‘Sometimes all you want to do is fuck’. Well sometimes (like when reading such self-aggrandising bull-shit whilst listening to self-vandalising crapulence) all I want to do is yell ‘fuck off’.

Can's Inner Space Studio pictures; Rock n Pop Museum, Gronau

Here are some pictures taken on the opening of the Can's Inner Space studio exhibition at the RocknPop Museum in Gronau, (just over the Dutch border from Enschede). The installation runs until March 2008. A visit is highly recommended. 

Mr Dawson's Christmas CD stocking

Mr Dawson, our Chief Reviewer, brings you a round up of what has been playing on his gramophone this past month. Hopefully you will gain as much pleasure from listening to these LPs as he did!

Nice Festivals, bad deejaying...

Nancy Elizabeth - an appraisal of a Northern girl

I have been reading the Julian Cope biography ‘Head On' recently and there is a bit in the book where he says ‘He hates music that is made to impress people' I've never heard any of his records but I couldn't agree more.

Dutchrocksampler - Tall Poppies Tour.

I have dreadful visions of four hard-edged garage pop bands giving it some and more to a couple of sexagenarians.

Tall Poppies Tour - the visual evidence

The visual evidence of a hare-brained scheme...

Editor's Rant - Why Girls Aloud are Ace

When Johnny Borrell sings “There's nothing on the radio that means that much to me” he's only got himself to blame.

Incendiary News November & December 2006

Hullo all!

Incendiary News - August 2006

Hullo chaps!

Editor's Rant; Blog Off!

I read every now and again how so many teenagers are keeping blogs. Now, there is nothing unusual about keeping a record of one's thoughts and feelings – I believe they used to be called diaries.

Incendiary News, June 2006

Hullo there!

Incendiary News; May 2006

Hello good people!

Cash Rock versus Forward Thinking Motherfuckers…

With specific reference to guitar-based music, the whole scene is getting like the bloody Antiques Roadshow. No wonder old bands are re-forming. They can cash in on a lucrative live scene. And no wonder that, alongside these genuine, fine and trusty old antiques, a new set of reproductions are being wheeled out to satisfy the market. That's why the Bunnymen supported Coldplay not that long ago.

Incendiary News April 2006

How you all doing?

Incendiary News March 2006

What a month...

Authenticity, realism and the role of self-hatred in modern British drama

I do not wish to suggest that the Loach / Leigh films are ‘bad', merely that there are factors at work that explains why they are often given a pretty easy ride. Basically, critics and audience alike have a skewed idea of reality and a good deal of self-loathing. To understand these factors we must first take a look at Jean Jacques Rousseau.

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