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De Nieuwe Vrolijkheid - Blood on the Floor

Simply put, no Dutch band ever sounded like this. For a brief moment dNV really did burn bright as a creative force. Their shows were one-offs; extraordinary fusions of naivety, brilliance, disaster, truculence and vision.

The Sugarettes - Sugarettecity EP

You used to get stuff like this on Creation Records; this is a classic EP, four tracks, each a perfect pop song in it's own right; exciting, funny, naïve and with enough charm to stop fights.

King Me - Guide Down

Somewhat maudlin in tone, but full of power and presence

The Julie Mittens, Stiff River, Uw Hypotheekadvies - “Blue” EP

Three small cut and paste low-resolution photocopied sheets of paper give minimal information on the bands. We learn only that Uw Hypotheekadvies have "great legs".

Little Next Big Things

Overall it's a mixed bag, (what compilation isn't?) with one or two tracks sounding awfully similar or familiar I have to say. Still, there are four or five crackers contained in this compilation and I'd say it's worth your purchase for those alone.

Incendiary interview Matik

The buzz is out and MATIK very well could be Holland's answer to French Canada's TIGA or New York's LCD Soundsystem

The Spirit That Guides Us - We Are Under Reconstruction

Anyone who has a song called What If Oslo Really Failed can't be all bad.

Zeal - Where Ships Go By

Wilbur is another mid-to-slow tempo reflection with a mournful guitar accompaniment (it must be bloody bleak where this lot live). 

Overeasy - Bang Your Buck

It's like very, very, bad DAF or a kid's casio version of Goldfrapp.

Omar Rodriguez - Omar Rodriguez

Last up, Spookrijden op het Fietspad is a demented Can, EFS-style work out with bags of charm, though a crazy sax part keeps the sonic aggravation levels at the maximum.

Tenuzu No Chiizu - Girls Like Us

Stylistically it is a record that is very reminiscent of Popol Vuh's Hosiana Mantra, but rather less devotional and more sardonic in its tone.

Subbacultcha! - Not Everybody's Compilation

On to the inspired Hospital Bombers (well they must be with a name like that) and their brilliant Kittens. Of course, it's bonkers.

MDMP - Voltage

Absurdly simple and basic in its creation, it is absolutely fucking briliant.

The Red Album - The Julie Mittens

As usual there are no track listings, and you the listener would be best advised to approach their music as if you were attending a classical or avant garde piece.

Incendiary interview Bettie Serveert

Annemieke gets up close and personal with Holland's brightest popsters.

Incendiary Interview Tiff Davenport of Toazted

Feeling as close to Corey as I then did, I suggested to him that he write a song about this. He thought writing a song about a shark sounded pretty lame. But that's not what I meant. I told him he should write a song about the pure feeling of panic he gets in his heart.

Electric Fans talk about Fela Kuti to Richard Foster

Its razor-sharp African funk, percussive as hell, with riffs and little melody lines flowing, and seamlessly interweaving. It is brilliant.

The Julie Mittens speak to Incendiary

Of course there's great music and less great music but we as humans seem unable to talk about it without the aid of moral lingo, which is totally unmusical...

The Label Review - WotNxt

Yes, it's an interview with Michel van Dam of the Wot Nxt organization, noise-niks supreme and flyers of the musical avant-garde flag in Holland.

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