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WOLVON – Folds

Subroutine have put out some remarkable records this last 18 months or so. But this is certainly one of their best. A future classic. Enervating, intelligent, multidimensional and… most of all… Good Time rock.

Dirk Serries - Microphonics XXI-XXV

...it’s one of those records that drift in and out of your consciousness, providing a shimmering backdrop to your daily chores…

The Sound of the Dutch Underground - Melkweg, Amsterdam 21/3/13

I’m strolling down to the Melkweg.  I see a huge queue of teens clad in black and the darker shades of purple and grey… hordes of gawky teens; liberally daubed with purple lipstick and violently, aggressively shiny black hair, wearing trousers that are wider than a turnoffon the A4. Eh? Where are the Subbacultcha butterflies?

Organisms – Rainbow Black + White

Because it’s a real growler this one, the opening track Believer instigates a headlong charge into bozo territory – where the rest of the album happily gambols about like a herd of bullocks let into a new spring pasture.

April - The Rise And Fall Of A Beautiful Bird / Beat Up Generation

And yes, the single is a blast, ballsy too; when did you ever hear a pair of songs so unconcerned by what’s in fashion or so wrapped up in themselves? Nothing wrong with that m’lud.

Nouveau Vélo - Daze

It’s ridiculous, I’m 43 and this sort of music is for nice girls who keep diaries, not me. But I want more. Now.

Herrek - Waktu Dulu

It seems this new Herrek are interested in setting up their tracks as morose mixes of downbeat soliloquy and tough social commentary.

Applescal – Dreaming in Key

Ostensibly -this is still music for clubs, or maybe music for people who would like to go to clubs but don’t anymore.

A Samling Records Sampler with Mike Koldin, Herrek, Woud

Invariably the music is of the highest quality, if focussed pretty heavily on things that could be herded up into the ambient / post-post-industrial / white noise / alt-jazz bracket.

Kin – Flickering

You get the feeling that this is a band that feels the need to hide their light behind a bushel now and again. Despite their incredible power.

Vox Von Braun – Rich and On Wheels

This record is everything and nothing. Just like the band. They’re just a bunch of people from Groningen. No more than that, and they’re not looking for your approval.

Homemade Empire – Defenestration

Simple stuff it may be, but sometimes adding just a little bit extra significantly increases the value of the whole.

Minny Pops – Waiting For This To Happen / Glistering

So old and new, continuity and change, standstill and motion. Minny Pops are still the same intriguing bag of contradictions. They play their last live gig at the Quietus / Lexington bash in London on 26th November. Don’t miss it.

Breek - 'Burst' EP

Living here as I do I find it an incredibly evocative take on both the landscape and the “binnengevoel” that life in NL engenders; it’s that bit removed, a little bit shrink-wrapped, and hermetically sealed.

The Delicate Project – The Great Refill

So imagine, Gene Wilder singing about guinea pigs over a trippy backdrop. If you can live with that then yes, this is for you.

Lost Bear – Shingolai

And there’s no holding it back, which is quite rare for Holland; Shingolai is totally at odds with the cool and measured vibe most Dutch pop bands deal in. It’s very catchy and sympathetic.

Mere – Mere

It’s safe to say that on record, Mere make music that relies on atmosphere and turns of phrase, moody extempores that sort of promise that something will crystallise very soon.

Boutros Bubba – Ridiculous Wrists

They were always a strange proposition. Gnomic is a good word for them, from the daft crab walks the singer, Vreselijk Ongeluk (Dreadful Accident), used to perform onstage, to their eye popping artwork

Rooie Waas – Het Is Maar Een Constatering

The sound at times isn’t too far off Young Gods, especially the opening few tracks; though the music is more punk, more make-do-and-mend, created from sort of electronic debris found down the Kringloop.

Bonne Aparte – Bonne Aparte

Maybe good things really do come in small doses. And I’d wager this is still the sound of the Netherlands’ more remote backwaters.

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