Why Aren't You Listening?

Sad Day For Puppets – Unknown Colours

As for Blue Skies, that one's so Sarah Records it almost had us wishing Incendiary was actually published on badly photocopied A5 and sold for 50p with a flexidisc from a rack next to the latest seven inch indie chart contenders.

The Vaselines – Enter the Vaselines (Deluxe Edition)

...listening to the Vaselines brings back very personal memories of girl hang-ups, posing in what I thought were 60s threads and playing records in my bedroom.

La Minor – Oboroty

Apparently this LP contains polkas or slow waltzes and tangos. But you wouldn’t know as the band doesn’t stick to strict interpretations of any musical convention.

Polska Rootz – S/T

Time for this reviewer to tell you that you won’t pick up a more surprising and enjoyable LP this year.

Russell Huie – Cheer The Bombs On

An ideal accompaniment to an evening cocktail, you could play much worse than Russell Huie when trying to entertain your dinner guests.

Godspunk - Volume Seven

Blackpool’s greatest set of avant garde music poets compile yet another brilliant CD choc-full of punk & outré tunes to satisfy every taste.

Charles Spearin – The Happiness Project

I love this record, it’s such a beautiful idea, and despite the fact that the whole thing’s cranky as hell, it is charm made music.

Studio G - G-Spots

What this compilation does is show just how inventive and off-the-cuff incidental music used to be before execs started nabbing standard chart sounds (or similar) to fill out their programmes.

Bollywood Steel Guitar – Various

I’ve never thought: ‘I wish someone would put out a compilation of Bollywood songs done on the steel guitar.’ But on finding out that said album existed, I, like (Bongwater's) Ms Magnusson, moaned ‘I want one.’ And I damn well got myself one too.

Rockabilly Merry Go-Round

However earnest and honest the intent of these revivalists they can only ever sound like copies.

Growing – All the Way

There are 6 tracks, all pretty much based round a wobbly synth effect that sounds like a futuristic didgeridoo.

Angel and the Lovemongers - The Humanist Queen

the soundtrack to an unmade John Hughes movie



Shoegaze – a quick trip abroad.

Before we take a trip it would be utterly remiss of me not to mention the pioneering work from the early '80s of Echo & the Bunnymen’s guitarist, Will Sergeant.

Why Aren’t You Listening? – The Godspunk compilations

Thank You For Being Insane Pervert Human Being – Try Getting A Hearing Aid On The N.H.S., Shithead (Sorry If This Is Printed Upside Down)


That’s by Satan The Jesus Infek’d Needles And Blood. And it sounds like five minutes of screaming bloody madness.

Why Aren’t You Listening? The Moody Blues - Days of Future Passed

"You’ve sang Shang-a-Lang, with your trousers half way up your leg, hung posters of Donny on your wall and kissed the David Cassidy transfer on your pillow at every bedtime. You’ve dressed up in your mum’s high heels, and draping your socks around your neck in lieu of a feather boa, waggled in front of your bedroom mirror to the tinny sounds of Bolan and Gary Glitter in your head. But this is it. "


Faun Fables – A Table Forgotten

"Yes I know, another modern folk record drawing heavily on the Pentangle/Sandy Denny vibe. However this is never a bad thing, especially if the music is as good as it is on A Table Forgotten."

Pumf Records - Godspunk Volume 6

Mr Gav’s July Grindcore Round up

The recording spread like wildfire across old school Geocities pages, all brimstone and bible quotes and spinnyskull.gifs. All in a day's work for sinister religious propaganda, with but one glaring downside... the recording was pants.

Mr Gav’s July Dancefloor roundup Part 2

If legends are to be believed, a young Spike, expressing zero interest in his father's workplace, taught himself to play on the railway lines. His cork-popping, banjo-wanking, tempo-shiftery opens a section of music which could be the one jazz band going bananas...


Mr Gav’s July Dancefloor roundup Part 2


Richard Swift: An appreciation

Onasis I is, quite simply, wonderful. Onasis II, not so much, but it’s very listenable all the same, as long as you’re not seeking the depth and emotion of his previous records. I like to listen to this record whilst ironing.

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