Why Aren't You Listening?

Parking Non Stop – Species Corridor

It’s a travelogue of sorts too; the record skips round Eastern and Central Europe a lot; Zero In Grimaldi’s Playing features an Austrian Duke laying down the law in no uncertain manner...

Spirez – Isolate / Indica

Really it is, one of those records that you keep playing over and over again.

The Resonance Association – Heliopause

OK, let me warn you it’s long, indulgent and painstaking in its thoroughness and dedication: and not everything will be for you. But the good bits are very good indeed.

Rob St. John & Ian Humberstone - Your Phantom Limb/ House on the Hill

A tremendous record and one to spin after a hard day’s fell walking, pint in hand.

Shaneolinski Getting Closer (Retaining the Soul by Numbers)

It is fair to say that Shane O Connor (the recluse who goes under the name of Shaneolinski) plays the ingénue card as often as he can

Alright the Captain - BINS

As usual with remix LPs there a plethora of confusing sounds and remixer names to negotiate but I can safely say that after a slightly quiet beginning BINS settles down to be a powerful record.

Trunks – On The Roof

I love the vibe on this Trunks record; it’s really playful

Mamiffer – Mare Decendrii

Rather like an immense slow-moving river, with hidden currents and eddies, the album plots its patient, primeval course oblivious to the bystanders on the banks.

Simon Says No! – S/T

So it’s derivative. And so what it’s still a good listen.

Fania Records 1964-1980: the original sound of Latin New York

Trumpets I tell you. A lot of trumpets.

Fuzzy Lights - Helm

rewards your attention in the most extraordinary manner

John Chantler – The Luminous Ground

Invigorating and challenging stuff, and a real shame it’s all too short.

The Donkeys – Born with Stripes

it’s predictable dad radio rock of the highest order, and I like it.

I’m Not a Gun - Solace

Solace is the fifth LP from John Tejada and Takeshi Nishamoto, the duo who make up I’m Not a Gun, and you can certainly hear the fact that they’re an established act

Big Block 454 – Bells and Proclamations

Don’t be put off by my jocular tone in this review; this is a great LP, it’s just a bit nuts: very much in the style of fellow Northern pranksters The Witch and the Robot or Ceramic Hobs.

Moon Duo – Mazes

Fabulous, re-affirmative stuff and should be the sound of your summer.

The Clientele – Minotaur

Small Black – New Chain

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