Why Aren't You Listening?

Implosion Quintet - Organ Grinder

...the lad’s a little in love with those 60’s soundtracks and jingles, from Morricone to Studio G, and is all for having a pop at creating a log cabin take on this oeuvre.

Animaux Surround - Captures

...it’s a quite pleasant world to listen into, this world of Animaux Surround; despite all the doom and gloom and all the languid, woozy synths and deadpan vox.

Source of Yellow - The Said

It’s a bit in thrall with Mr Fantasy era Traffic, or early Soft Machine for that matter (that hint of parlour room psych-jazz), but it’s too fucking raga.

The Flaming Lips - And Heady Fwends

a complete brain-fuck of an album

Wymond Miles – Under The Pale Moon

I really like this LP, despite its hangdog air and despite it being nothing new or hip or “with it”, daddy-oh. It’s just got good songs, well presented and convincingly sung. Surely that’s enough?

Èlg – In Coro

There’s a sense of drama here that is driven by some bravura editing and a reckless attitude that stands that deeply boring Gallic perfectionism on its head: all of this makes it a superb listen. It’s also infused with a dramatic and overblown melancholy not seen since the French Gothic. Highly recommended for noise and atonal freaks everywhere.

Lonesound – The Great Outdoors

...it all feels about 30 years too late, it’s the sort of music that Ultravox, Big Country or The Alarm used to chart with in the early 80s. I wonder what people – outside of your weary scribe - think now.

Introducing Unmade Bed

Just like Divine or Lisa Stansfield, this music is not looking to beg or win any prizes, and that’s important in this Salem-like age of timidity.

Mint Julep – Save Your Season

The most striking thing about Save Your Season, though, is its unfailing coherence. Don't spotify this one if you can help it – the ads will ruin it for you.

ESG (Emerald Sapphire, Gold) - ESG

Eric Chenaux – Guitar and Voice

These are raga pieces, parts of a whole and in some ways should be viewed as passages in one long dissertation. If approached in that manner then I’ll wager this is a great LP, and one to put on at an intellectual garden party near you.

Elika – Always the Light

Giving it a spin as part of a clearout revealed a surprisingly eloquent LP, often bathed in some wonderfully dark, Cold Wave synths and effects, some tough and intelligent lyrics and a brilliantly matriarchal delivery (not that far from Madonna at times) from Evagelia Maravelias.

Damien Jurado - Maraqopa

This album twiddles and tweaks some of Damien Jurado’s methods, enough to excite fans without them recoiling in horror at first listen.

Diagrams – Black Light

And for someone who’s been through a considerable amount of “stuff” his life Sam Genders’ LP is a remarkably accessible one.

The Men – Open Your Heart

It’s goofy stuff, unassuming but never looking to play at being the gobby hick. Very enjoyable indeed.

Youth Lagoon - The Year of Hibernation

Anyway, you would be wrong to think of Youth Lagoon's debut as just another gaggle of slightly anaemic-sounding, melodically inoffensive pop tunes. It's far more interesting than that.

Trojan Horse Rotovator - Hyper Onanism EP

This has something about it, though to be honest I’m not sure whether it’s my nostalgic relief at someone picking up the cartoon KMFDM / Revolting Cocks spirit that’s the driving force for me here.

Peter Broderick – Music for Confluence

This is a beautiful body of work, however fragile and regardless of the macabre commission.

Farewell Poetry – Hoping for the Invisible to Ignite

Luckily we don’t get into that minor chord work out that all too often makes records like this seem academic or worthy.

Peter, Bjorn and John - Gimme Some

there’s enough here to get anybody’s juices flowing

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