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Why Sacred Bones Are So Great

It’s a small thing I know but there’s something incredibly satisfying about stacking all my CDs up and looking at the spines, seeing the precision design… they all look so cool.

House of Rufus: The back catalogue of Rufus Wainwright - Part 2 Judy Garland, Milwaukee, Operas and more

Part 2 Judy Garland, Milwaukee, Operas and more

House of Rufus: The back catalogue of Rufus Wainwright - part 1 the studio albums

Part One: the studio albums.

The Back Catalogue of Supergrass

If only all bands were this much fun.

The Smiths - The Tatty Truth

Try introducing someone to the Smiths by playing them Miserable Lie and I guarantee they'll run for the hills the second Moz starts yodelling.

The back catalogue of Belle & Sebastian part 2

Dear Catastrophe Waitress is the sound of a band who have finally realised how good they are and have just pulled out all the stops without a second thought for how other people will react

The back catalogue of Belle & Sebastian part 1

A cash reward may exist for the person finding the piece which doesn't use the words “fey” or “twee” in conjunction with the band.

Scott Walker Back Catalogue Part 4 - The Drift to Abstraction.

Mr. Dawson required a clear head to contemplate the latter career of Scott Walker. Just the mention of the name made Mr. Dawson wince. Thinking about Tilt, in his condition?

The back catalogue of Scott Walker - part the third.

Good lord look at the cover of Stretch (happily reproduced on this now double release). A smiling Scott, an image to freeze the blood of any young poet

The back catalogue of Scott Walker part 2

Unbidden, the man proceeded to unburden himself of this memory. It turned out that he was the cleaner in the studios where Scott 3 was recorded. He told tales of Wally Stott that beggared belief and can not be repeated here for decency's sake.

The back catalogue of Scott Walker - part 1

Being the last Friday before Christmas, the local gasworks in Great Harwood naturally held its annual staff party in the nearest pub available. And, naturally, it was deemed that – as ever – the party should start with a late luncheon of pies and savouries at two o clock in the Royal public house, Great Harwood, Lancs.

The Back Catalogue of Super Furry Animals

You can just imagine Gruff asking the band; “hey lads, erm... lets do a bad-ass song about an advert featuring a fluffy black chick”.

New Order Back Catalogue

As was their wont the band once again had a problem with names – with no eye on the future they renamed their first classic album at the last minute from the genius of  Piss Off You Shitheads” to a load of coloured blocks.



Back Catalogue - Joy Division

And then it happened – Curtis succumbed to his depression, the band was in tatters and the cult of Ian Curtis began to develop.

The Back Catalogue of Julian Cope - Part Two

When we went to see him playing this album live, a female associate with our group demanded loudly from the audience that guitarist Michael Mooney (and I quote) ‘Stick his plums up me bum!'.


The Back Catalogue of Julian Cope & the Teardrop Explodes

I've been putting this off for a while, as Copey's back catalogue is one that must be treated with reverence, and a shoddy, slapdash piece would not do.

The Back Catalogue of Talking Heads - Part Three

Byrne lays his cards on the table with Now I'm Your Mum. It's a ridiculously upbeat tune and runs through three or four different grooves before it finishes. It's packed with horns and Byrne's falsetto – after all, this is a song about having a sex change operation.

The Back Catalogue of Talking Heads - Part Two

They were having to set themselves challenges and ultimately I don't think Byrne's heart was in it. How much time had he spent with the rest of the band since 1984? You could probably count it in terms of weeks.

The Back Catalogue of Robyn Hitchcock

 A mate called it punk's Trout Mask Replica. I don't know if that's true, but if it makes people draw connections like that one, you know that it's an essential if challenging record.

The (long and winding) Story of Neu!

Apart from the next two albums I'm going to review in this article, Deluxe is quite possible the greatest Krautrock album of them all..

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