Letter From London

Letter from Sheffield - A Summer Roundup

All the old favourites are there: Lord Kitchener, Lord Beginner, The Mighty Terror. A particular highlight is  King Timothy’s Football Calypso where we hear which football club has the right to call themselves the best in England.

Dexys Midnight Runners live at the Brighton Dome

In this setting, I realised, even in the earlier phase of Dexys, that this element had always been a key part of their vision. It’s working class magical realism. The portal at the bottom of your street.

Letter from Oldham (and Arnsberg) - The Last Days Of The Chameleons‏

...the overnight drive with a friend from Hamburg to Frankfurt to connect with a 7am flight and in work in Oldham by mid-morning still ranks fairly high on my personal list of things I actually can't believe I got away with.

Letter from Sheffield - Autumn 2012

Intelligent, beautiful, exhilarating and overpowering: a description of both America the country and America the album. It is clearly Deacon's most successful work and hopefully presages even more impressive things to come.

Letter from Sheffield

Talking of yearning after unattainable goals here's Scott in 2008: 'Essentially, I'm really trying to find a way to talk about the things that cannot be spoken of.'

Letter From Sheffield - Spring 2012

At a similar time I went to see Kevin Blechdom play in The Cricketers, a pub of ill repute opposite Bramhall Lane, home of Sheffield United. Downstairs was rough and - well, just rough.

Letter from Rome

Decent homegrown bands are in short supply in Rome. Perhaps i Cani are the most likely to please non-Italian ears. Even if you can't understand their satirical lyrics, mocking Italian hipsters and the drug-dealing antics of the young and the spoilt of Rome, anyone can appreciate their ear-grabbing electro-pop.

Letter from Paris

Here are three venues beloved by both Parisians and Anglophones in which to shelter from the cold:

Letters from Paris

For those of you who would prefer something a little more unconventional, however, here are some unexpected places to drink and listen to music:

London Popfest All-Dayer, 100 Club. 27/02/10

The most bizarre name of the day is that of Soda Fountain Rag (Norway)

Way To Blue - The Songs Of Nick Drake -Dome Concert Hall, Brighton, 21/1/10

Robyn Hitchcock is his usual dry, surreal self, and has me and my friend in tears when, having already sung a couple of tunes, picks up a guitar with polka dots that match his shirt perfectly..

The Airborne Toxic Event, Shepherd’s Bush Empire, Friday 6th November 2009

Evidence from tonight’s show suggests this fate of inflated self-worth has befallen California’s Airborne Toxic Event.

Lexie Mountain Boys @ St Augustine’s Tower, Hackney

It occurs to me now that the troupe have lost something along the way, the functioning musical circle who fought off reality in favour of slumber-party Goth theatrics are now just a few girls in pretty dresses, freezing their balls off and wailing Spandau Ballet. Oh well…

Doddodo / Dimension X, The Luminaire, London, 16/12/08

...feral, button-cute Japanese lady in ragged daisydukes crouched on a tabletop pulling the same faces your dad makes while fiddling with the wires in the back of a television...

London Bulgarian Choir/ Film School/ British Sea Power: Roundhouse, Camden, 17/1

They (the fans) don’t know why the bulk of the music loving public are missing out on the worst kept secret that British Sea Power are pound for pound, the best band in the world. To reiterate – What a band! What a fucking band!

Letter From London: July-August 2008

"I live in east London, and since the closure of Smallfish it was a nasty, barren place for buying new records. Of course, there's all of London's great record shops only a tube ride away, but sometimes (let's face it, most of the time for me) you just want to pop into a shop on the way home, browse the racks and pick up something. "

Edwyn Collins – Edinburgh Queen’s Hall – 21st April 2008

‘I want to take the pleasure with the pain’ he wrote and sang. For so long we thought that it might only be the pain Edwyn would get. But on this night he took his pleasure and we took ours.

Letter from London April 2008

"Two of the most witty wordsmiths that the UK have produced in recent years teaming up together! In a glam rock band! Let's get it on! "

Letter From London: March 2008

"A document of the random wanderings of a Londoner grinding out a February in the capital. "

Letter from London October 2007

Headlining tonight are The Stripchords, a group of blokes playing surf music. Their unique selling point seems to be that they in front of projections of films of 1950s strippers plying their trade.

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