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Smack Wizards, Space Siren and Zea – SUB 071, Leiden 23/2/12

This time around, blessed with an armoury of Gothicke, metallic pop and blessed with a real shit-kicker attitude – that swagger that only provincials have when they feel confident – the band delivered in spades.

Rats on Rafts with Ger “Sax” Van Voorden and Harry Merry, Ekko, Utrecht 11/2/12

The band sound tough, quietly confident onstage and seemingly attuned to being a band in whatever circumstance. In that respect they remind me of seeing the Stone Roses back in 1988-9. And it’s not too much of a risk to say they’re the best live guitar band in Holland at the moment.

Gul Night Out – Drie Dieren – (and some poetry) – “Scheveingen” single release party – Aalmarkt, Ledien

Quite how this gig gets off the ground is a mystery to all as some of the members of Gul Night Out don’t seem to be able to plug their instruments in. Jacco has particular problems with a toy microphone, and the keyboard player’s mini casio synth is dwarfed by the table it rests on.

Standstill To Motion Tour – The triumphant return of Minny Pops


The triumphant return of Minny Pops; with lead supporting role from Rats on Rafts, ably assisted by Jack and the Beanstalks, Womb and Viv Albertine.

Echo and the Bunnymen – Paradiso, Amsterdam 21-01-2012

for many of the crowd, they are quite literally transported back a quarter of a century.

The good, the mad and the tired. Three nights with Electric Soft Parade

We simply wish you’d been here to witness it.

Ultranieuwe - with Minny Pops, Rats on Rafts, Spoelstra, Danny Ramirez and Gul Night Out - Roodkapje - Rotterdam 3/12/11

Wally, as if performing an act of ablution to rid his soul of the "demons" of 30 years standing,  decides to empty a whole bottle of water over himself, visibly scaring his band into believing they’re about to get fried alive.

Stalking Horse, I Like Trains – Sugar Factory, Amsterdam 30/10/11

What else? Oh yes, Voice of Reason was dedicated to the late citizen of Leeds and deejay extraordinaire Jimmy Saville, a tribute that left most Dutch people bemused

Silver Apples, G. Lucas Crane – WORM, Rotterdam 7/11/11

Silver Apples’ music has always been very trippy and loose; relying on an organic and pulsating groove. And everything got very snakey indeed after a while at Worm

City Hands, Bob Corn, Julie Mittens, The Ex - LVC, Leiden 27/10/11

The Ex are a relentless proposition, and go through a determined set of disciplines and drills that give the feeling of a relentless machine, a buzz saw or a grinder.

Le Guess Who? Festival - Sunday 27/11/11 Utrecht

Iceage are a machine and a relentless one at that. There’s something very, very exciting and invigorating about them, listening to their metallic, flinty, fiery sound stimulates a feeling of being washed clean in the noise: it’s the only way I can put it.

Le Guess Who? Festival - Friday 25/11/11 Utrecht

an unwitting comedy moment was served up when we witnessed the guitarist play a trumpet whilst balancing a fiddle under his chin – to paraphrase Mark & Lard there’s “no need”…

Le Guess Who? Festival - Thursday 24/11/11 3voor12 DB’s Utrecht

On this showing Rats were tougher, looser and a bit messier than is normal but to be honest it’s good they mess with their sound: they have to avoid being straightjacketed by people’s expectations now they are getting popular.

Katzwijm Presenteert: - Dress, Katadreuffe, Zea - Next to Jaap Studios, Voorhout 15/10/11

In fact Dress, (and maybe these unprepossessing Bollenstreekers don’t know this), with their widescreen soundscapes and tales of agro-industrial pyscho/socio dramas sound very trendy indeed:

Space Siren and Rats on Rafts – Koornbeurs Popronde Delft 29/9/11

Then it is home on the last regular train after the usual conversations:  “see at the next gig?”, “you bet”… what is a 40 something bloke doing, getting all excited about this young stuff?

Katzwijm Presenteert: Przewalski , Svetkoff Lamps, New YX - Next to Jaap Studios, Voorhout 8/10/11

I am very well aware that after nightfall people in this region turn into werewolves. So where is the fucking venue?

British Sea Power, Melkweg – Amsterdam 5/10/11

What the feck does this band do to people?

Rats On Rafts - Kargadoor, Utrecht, 09 September 2011

All I can tell you is that I walked away from the gig wishing I had the ability and the means to follow them to Nijmegen, where they were due to play a second show that evening and then onwards and beyond. This may not have been a great gig but, my word, they’re one hell of a band.

Vox Von Braun and Olivier – Qbus, Leiden 24/09/11

The ringing choruses and beautiful counterpoints that Vox served up on these new tracks had us drooling.

Incubate Tilburg 2011 – Sunday 18/09/11

At one point Incendiary turned to John Robb, who was also present, and blurted out “it’s like Margaret Thatcher on vocals”.

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