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Rosa Ensemble – “Landschap der Nederlandse Volksmuziek (deel 2)” Meet and Greet, Leiden, 9/11/2012

What we couldn’t handle was the end, where the previously polite and sedate chair donned a rubber face mask: one which was a queasy mix of the features of Silvio Berlusconi and 70’s snooker ace Ray Reardon.

Moon Duo and Spilt Milk, Patronaat Café 22/10/2012

And despite having a whole set of boss songs with incredibly catchy hooks to proffer, the one thing that smacks you right between the eyes is the intense quality of their live sound. It’s all about the sound.

Planet Eyelash, Darling Don’t Dance SUB071 2/11/2012

Their last two tracks of the night are complete burn outs; the two guitarists standing stock still facing of each other, trying to become entwined by the power of feedback alone. They are, to put it mildly, fucking good.

Rats on Rafts and New YX Melkweg Amsterdam 3/11/2012

Maybe that’s all they needed, a chance to play a few big stages with a good, professional sound mix and some proper amplification, as the sound they made in the Melkweg’s Oude Zaal was little short of revelatory.

Thoughts on Popronde 2012 - Utrecht Leiden and Delft

Wooden Constructions are great and if you don’t get a grip on that concept, then the doors to the garden centres up and down this land are waiting for you, beckoning to you, happy to put a warm, schmaltzy, all-enveloping arm round you and propel you round their sensory death-spaces.

Spilt Milk and Mere at the Kunstroute Aalmaarkt, Leiden 23/9/2012

At one point Marc went out for a fag mid song, walking back in past some bemused members of the crowd who’d obviously be happier hanging out at Hema. And almost trying to outdo himself, Marc finishes things off in true entertainer’s style by jumping into the drumkit.

Seal of Quality, The Bent Moustache, Mordor Crew – SUB071 Leiden, 12/10/2012

...though the Friday nights are now a regular fixture, the new (and frankly shambolic) press operation from SUB’s new set of bookers means I never know what’s on…

Incendiary go to Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia

I'm also going to try and resist questioning exactly what the hell Palma Violets, NME wank-band of the week, are doing on this bill: we've seen them before and they're about as psychedelic as tile grout.

Incubate 2012 - Part Three with Wolvon Fawn Spots British Sea Power Gul Night Out Boutros Bubba

Out there on stage it’s hot, repressively so… and given that I can only see Abi’s arm and a lot of silver foil from the fruit basket come helmet on my head, there’s not a lot I can do apart from attempting my Larry Grayson “skip” dance.

Incubate 2012 - Part Two with Roy Wilkinson Nouveau Vélo Plant Duw and Paranoid Visions

Dekka held court magnificently, a huge presence, like the carved figurehead on the prow of some ship, with the two girl singers flanking him, like harpies giving him hell as he negotiated his way through a set that spat out anger and frustration at every turn.

Incubate 2012 - Part One with Membranes Gnod Simon Reynolds and Ravage! Ravage!

I have to say from the off that this isn’t really a review of Incubate: this is a review of what happened at a venue, Café Extase, with the odd bit thrown in from elsewhere... Incendiary had teamed up with Louder than War and Smikkelbaard to curate our own conceit over the final weekend: “Cultural Cringe”

Fear and Loving in Heaton Park - Proceed with Caution

Stephen Watt’s pilgrimage to Manchester continues, and, although he almost arrives at the gig, the Stone Roses aren’t due on for five hours. What follows is simply more navel-gazing from a self-absorbed, middle-aged man, who refuses to let go of the past. Poor chap, he just wants to be adored. But, then, don’t we all?

A Tribute to JG Ballard – Shackleton, T.A.G.C., Blanck Mass, Stellar OM Source, Bauer -Paradiso, Amsterdam 8/9/2012

There’s a quiet assurance in all that T.A.G.C. does that makes things sound easy, their slabs of shifting white noise, questioning textures and subtle rhythms create a feeling that you’d heard this sound before, and were just waiting to be reminded of it.

Inner City Grit Presents - Labasheeda WaveZero Vagelein & Vonnegut - Paradiso, Amsterdam, 1/9/2012

After this a stroll through the Vondelpark, (where naked film students jumped into the park’s pond with gleeful abandon) pondering on a strange night, but in parts a very good one.

Subbacultcha! Presents: Spilt Milk, Mike Koldin, Treehouse - De Nieuwe Anita, Amsterdam 25/08/12

More worryingly who’s next in line for the Beau Monde to gush over, Colonel Abrahams? The Reynolds Sisters?

Incendiary go to Haldern 2012 Part Three

I’m paraphrasing here but one line the girl bawled out, “My boyfriend likes me from behind/and you know I don’t mind” actually got the crowd hollering and bouncing along, it was extraordinary.

Incendiary go to Haldern 2012 Part Two

“A guy crowdsurfs through a sea of balloons with a George Michael mask. This is Diagrams, this shouldn’t be happening. They’re going bananas and it seems Mr Michael impersonator isn’t ever going to come down”.

Incendiary go to Haldern 2012 Part One

Beal screamed out his torch songs, with a taste for in yer face drama, he indulged in a whole variety of props and poses; covering up in a cape, waving the mic stand like a Claymore, taking off his belt and whipping the floor like a sex crazed fetishist…

(6 Years of Multipleks!) The Truth, Helltard, Sugar Coated Mindbombs, Rogier, Leiden 13/18/12

The glowering tower block near Leiden station, a veritable blot on the landscape for the authorities was transformed – for one evening only - into an impromptu centre for all things Carnival and Saturnine.

Monotoon, La Vie de Boheme, Harold Schellinx SUB071 Leiden 14/7/12

Everything Schellinx does is playful to a degree, the heavy stuff is there of course, but that’s down to you to dig deep. He is adept at setting up preposterous ideas and pulling them off...

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