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Fear and Loving in Heaton Park Part 10 Raw - The Art of Brisk Walking

It’s time to go and our intrepid author is finally leaving. An early night however is not his only concern. It is imperative that he arrives back before his bibulous companion JC. If not then all his anxiety and sobriety will have been for naught. The race is on and the stakes could not be higher, but who will prevail Niki or James?

King Champion Sounds, Frankenberries, Beton Fraktion, CAB03, Leiden 17/10/13

In fact things started to get groovy; despite the lights being up and a lot of the audience being gauche stoner wallflowers; we noticed a fair number of groovers had started to cut some rug to good effect.

Fabio Orsi and Sindre Bjerga, Qbus Leiden, 5/10/13

I still wonder about what the qualitative differences between this form of entertainment and, say, watching a string quartet are; or watching someone knocking out a Buxtehude piece on an organ.

Incendiary go to Incubate, Tilburg, Sunday 22/9/13

Adi’s grumbling through his vocals like Alberich the dwarf… “Ceaseless I toil”… you said it, love…

Incendiary go to Incubate, Tilburg, Saturday 21/9/13

I mean everything’s cool and, (to quote Wymer from Vox von Braun), there are no problems, but… why on earth do the cars have to levitate above the tarmac tonight?

Incendiary go to Incubate - Tilburg - Friday 20/9/13

Finally tiring of wondering when the singer’s going to stop acting like a villain from a Buster Keaton film and “get it on” and suck the blood of a virgin, we look around. It looks like a webmaster’s conference.

Copenhaarlem – SUB 071, Leiden, 10/9/13

It’s akin to listening to an audition to become NL’s number one flood defence warning system.

Fear and Loving in Heaton Park: Part Nine - Park Life

Alone and a long way from home our tremulous author embarks on the dread journey home but is quickly distracted from the task at hand, taking solace in cancelled television programmes and ludicrous blockbusters starring Dennis Hopper, and he wonders why he spends his life scrawling nonsense in a garret rather than playing an active role in society.

Cultuur? Barbaaar! - Qbus and Vrijplaats, Leiden 30/08/13

Somehow this C?B! thing could be a runner. Nature and Nurture, Prospero and Caliban, Bitter and Mild, or even a cherry in your spritzer. Let’s see what next year throws up.

Haldern Pop 2013 Day 3 Saturday 10 August

Haldern Pop 2013 Day 2 Friday 9 August

“We’d love to come back and play again for you guys someday. This time with our own instruments. They sound completely different to this……Well, a little bit.”

Haldern Pop 2013 Day 1 Thursday 8 August

Anyway, what the bloody hell do you need a smoke machine for at 7pm on a sunny evening in a field in the Nieder Rein? No, me neither.

Incendiary go to Metropolis 7/7/13

British Sea Power - Bitterzoet, Amsterdam, 25th June 2013

it’s obvious British Sea Power are not the band they used to be. No. They’re better than that. Far better.

Neil Young & Crazy Horse - Metroradio Arena, Newcastle, England, June 8th 2013

What’s the point in going to see anybody else. Ever?

Fear and Loving in Heaton Park: Part Eight - Intermission

The end seemed nigh for our intrepid reporter and yet once again he’s leaving the concert, the sense of déjà vu providing a welcome relief from the spirit-crushing ennui. Apparently this is the ideal place for Stephen to gather his thoughts before setting off into the wet grey yonder in search of the magic bus to Didsbury.

Incendiary go to Primavera Sound 20-26/5/13

Apparently there still exist those who consider Jason Pierce to have been the "talent" in Spacemen 3. There are still people who think the world is flat and TV soaps are real, too...

Le Mini Who and Le Guess Who? – Utrecht 18/05/13

Imagine if Thee Oh Sees had been crap. Imagine that. Actually what’s the point? Of course they weren’t crap.  On the contrary they were astonishing. Where to start?

Tom McRae - De Duif, Amsterdam, 18 May 2013

There’s a lot of singing along involved at a Tom McRae concert. And humming. And whistling.

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