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Ben Christophers, Rotown, 3/11/2004

At one point, the bar staff STOPPED serving in order to listen to him sing. Beat that.

Xploding plastiX - Rotown, 30/10/04

"My godfathers, the drummer. A hulking, lolloping ingenue, fresh from a day's logging."

Kasabian - Paradiso, Amsterdam, 27/10/04

"Who am I to stand in the way of progress?"

The Polyphonic Spree - Melkweg, Amsterdam 26/10/2004


How can you not enjoy looking at this lot? It's twenty odd Texans in cassocks!


The Datsuns - Melkweg, Amsterdam 11/10/2004

Eat some pies gentlemen, please. Your mothers must be worried sick.

Jesse Malin - Melkweg, Amsterdam, 4/10/2004

"He doesn't so much play his guitar as fight with it."

Robyn Hitchcock live at the Purcell Rooms, London, October 2004

"Everyone went home happy, with that great warm feeling you'd get as a kid after you'd been to the pantomime."

Gomez, The Zutons - House Of Blues - Las Vegas, Nevada - 22nd September 2004


Weird town, great venue. Everyone, including your cantankerous sod of a reviewer went home happy.






The Music - Paradiso, Amsterdam, 15th September 2004

"Who came up with such a name?"

The Stills - Desmet Studios, Amsterdam, September 11, 2004

A little bit of radical European flavor within the groundwork of North American conservatism

Gem & Woodstar, Patronaat, Haarlem, Sept. 12th 2004

"Even street wise and well prepared girls like us sometimes manage to step into the wrong bus and get lost."

Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra/The Slackers - Melkweg, Amsterdam, 5/9/05

The Ska sound is there, sometimes in it's pants and vest, but more often cloaked and hooded.

Mark Lanegan Band - Melkweg, Amsterdam, 17th August 2004

"Dark isn't the word for it. It scared the shit out of me!"


The Divine Comedy - Haldern Festival, 7th August 2004

"Outlandish and preposterous. You should have been there."


Haldern Festival - Day 2 Review - Saturday, August 7th 2004

More larking about in a field.

Adam Green - Haldern Festival - 6th August 2004

"Tact, decency and political correctness were all off the menu "

The Haldern Pop Festival - Day 1 - Friday, 6th August 2004

"You must show me your pass."


Happy Songs or Happy People? - Mogwai 2003

" Happy Songs or Happy People? - Mogwai 2003 "

Happy Songs or Happy People? With the release of Mogwai's Happy Songs for Happy People in June, 2003, Jonathan Dekel was at the Melkweg to witness their latest live show and chat with the band.

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