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Information overload has a numbing effect. One "solution" is to avoid as much "news" media as possible. Choose fewer sources of inspiration, not more."

Mac's Madness

Our technical wizard and all round good guy, Mac, is going to jump off a tower in the name of charity.

Letter From London: July-August 2008

"I live in east London, and since the closure of Smallfish it was a nasty, barren place for buying new records. Of course, there's all of London's great record shops only a tube ride away, but sometimes (let's face it, most of the time for me) you just want to pop into a shop on the way home, browse the racks and pick up something. "


"Here's the test for foster"

Letter from London April 2008

"Two of the most witty wordsmiths that the UK have produced in recent years teaming up together! In a glam rock band! Let's get it on! "


Letter From London: March 2008

"A document of the random wanderings of a Londoner grinding out a February in the capital. "

Nice Festivals, bad deejaying...

About Us


Letter from London December 2006

"It's also clear that Anton is a little unhinged (there's an odd monologue about security guards in Denmark that leaves us scratching our heads), but don't let that distract you from his music."

Letter from London; Artrocker & more...

"This is Deathline's debut gig apparently, and they do well, pulling in about sixty punters. For me, it's simple with this lot; the fast ones are good, the slow ones are poor. "

Incendiary News November & December 2006

Hullo all!

Incendiary News - August 2006

Hullo chaps!

Incendiary Address


Editor's Rant; Blog Off!

I read every now and again how so many teenagers are keeping blogs. Now, there is nothing unusual about keeping a record of one's thoughts and feelings – I believe they used to be called diaries.

Incendiary News, June 2006

Hullo there!

Letter from Coventry! May 2006

"An older friend once told me that going out in the late 80s when Madchester ruled the waves was a much pleasanter experience than when he was growing up in the late 1970s when football hooliganism, violence and menace hung in the air like smoke at a bonfire. "

Incendiary News; May 2006

Hello good people!

Cash Rock versus Forward Thinking Motherfuckers…

With specific reference to guitar-based music, the whole scene is getting like the bloody Antiques Roadshow. No wonder old bands are re-forming. They can cash in on a lucrative live scene. And no wonder that, alongside these genuine, fine and trusty old antiques, a new set of reproductions are being wheeled out to satisfy the market. That's why the Bunnymen supported Coldplay not that long ago.

Incendiary News April 2006

How you all doing?

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