AC Berkheimer

AC Berkheimer - Beyond The Equation of State

It’s certainly their best balanced record too, so smooth that it engages your subconscious a LONG time before the rest of your brain catches up. I bet you that you only notice it’s actually on when Kissing The Surface starts.

AC Berkheimer – We Tell Them Tonight

Incendiary speak to AC Berkheimer

Things can get quite tense in the rehearsal space creating the things we want..

Not Eurosonic: O’Ceallaigh’s, & Bar Pacific: Groningen 16 – 17/01/09

Unintentionally the international rugby (which appears on the Bar Pacific’s big screen behind the band) adds a unique backdrop to the gig. The moments where the music and the televised steaming, jousting man-flesh synchronise are what makes life worth living.

AC Berkheimer - In a Series of Long Days

I also like the quiet tip-tap drumming; its metronomic and ever so slightly trippy, like the Floyd with Barrett, it's job is to keep time and stop things getting too gushy or splurgy. That's not to say it doesn't splurge out; So Much For is classic 90-91 guitar pop, Lush style.

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