James Yorkston

James Yorkston - I Was A Cat from a Book

...what makes listening to James Yorkston holding forth so appealing is the fact that his doleful and acidic barbs are often aimed at himself or used to propel the story...

James Yorkston - It's Lovely to Be Heard

The book is an account of a series of tours over the last decade over which the author has if not exactly achieved fame and fortune, at least established himself as one of the finest songwriters plying his trade in the UK today.

James Yorkston and the Big Eyes Family Players - Folk Songs

This could be one of those gateway LP’s allowing the folkie ingénue into a veritable Narnia of treasured recordings.


James Yorkston – When the Haar Rolls In

There’s an added richness and canniness to this LP that was only hinted at in previous releases; and a relaxed pace that suits his muse very well.

James Yorkston - The Year of the Leopard

"Yorkston sees himself as part of a different tradition – he sees himself as working in a similar way to people like Can and Scott Walker, people who don't so much blend and merge genres as smash them to pieces and leave music that cannot be categorised. I'm not sure from the evidence of Yorkston's three albums that I'd put him in such a tradition (and can there be a category of the uncategorisable?) "

James Yorkston - Paradiso, Amsterdam - 8/05/05

Attempts were gamely made by Mr Y to play Mother Sky by Can  but, 30 seconds in, this mighty project dissolved in a fit of laughter.

James Yorkston talks to Incendiary Magazine

"I don't consider what I do to be traditional folk music at all. However, we do get people coming to our shows, expecting traditional folk. They can be disappointed, there can be friction. "

London Calling Day One, Paradiso, 12/11/2004

Finally, I was carried downstairs to see, YES! A London band. Honest, a real one.

James Yorkston - Moving up Country & Adem - Homesongs

Purveyors of ersatz music will always have the edge on those who make personal music, uninfluenced by fashion and rock's back catalogue. All the more reason, therefore, to trumpet artists like James Yorkston and Adem.

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