Wire - Wire

Wire adopt the role of urban shamans, and look to allow people some gateway to intuition, some breathing space in these fractured times.

Wire - Change Becomes Us

So it’s all a matter of time, and the true mysteries of a work or an idea often reveal themselves a lot later than we think.

Wire – Red Barked Tree

Wire – Send Ultimate

Offset Festival, Hainault Forest, Essex, 30/08/08

....maybe this is an idea for future events; why have new music? Why not just have tents that allow you to enter 1981, and experience the sights and sounds of that, or some other seminal year. There’ll be plenty of bands able to copy the required sound.

Wire – Object 47

"They don’t seem to have gone soft or splurged out at all. In fact the end track, All Fours, is about as vibrant a Wire track as I’ve heard in many a moon."

Wire – Ekko, Utrecht 30/04/08

"Dutch Wire fans look incredibly battered (years of being glum and post punk can take it’s toll, not to mention the Sisyphean struggle of getting into increasingly ill-fitting drainpipe jeans) "


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