Calvin Party

Calvin Party, Cradle, TamsinA, The Taverna Niewerkerk a/d Ijssel, nr. Rotterdam

As usual singer John threw himself into the spirit of the night, bouncing around like some demented Gulag inmate out on day-release. Oh the fun you can have if you really try.

Round the Hoorn with Calvin Party

"Manchester was never very far away in their music, but somehow that’s not really a problem with Calvin Party, because their overwhelming saving grace is that they are out to entertain, empathise and connect. "

Incendiary interview the mighty Calvin Party

"Holland has always been that sort of halcyon land to which some Brits venture to escape the continuum of Victoriana-Puritanism... and the U.K. culture of drunkenness is an outcome of that, a brutal working class expression of dis-connection with all that is seen as valued... "

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