Adam Green

Incendiary interview Adam Green (again)

"I’ve carved a big crater for myself. Which I can die in! But if I can I may burrow all the way through and then I can get to China."


Adam Green - Sixes and Sevens

"I’m convinced that Adam can pull off almost anything."

Incendiary meets Adam Green - Part One

The only reason I make records is so that I can get to sit and talk all the time to journalists.

Incendiary meets Adam Green - Part Two

I can't believe there was a time in my life where I used to get up in front of 30,000 people and just dance around. Like, could I ever do that again?

Incendiary meets Adam Green - Part Three

It always amazes me how people kind of perceive stuff. It's so annoying. I mean sometimes I just wish that some people could just be locked up. For like, for being so dumb.

Adam Green - Jacket Full Of Danger

sharp, witty and intelligent.

Adam Green - Oude Zaal, Melkweg, Amsterdam - 02/03/2005

"“I'm so happy, I got sick.”"

Adam Green - Gemstones


“I'm in trouble Richard,” I said. “I know,” said Richard laughing, “this is gonna be fucking brilliant.”


Adam Green - Haldern Festival - 6th August 2004

"Tact, decency and political correctness were all off the menu "

The Haldern Pop Festival - Day 1 - Friday, 6th August 2004

"You must show me your pass."


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