The Julie Mittens

City Hands, Bob Corn, Julie Mittens, The Ex - LVC, Leiden 27/10/11

The Ex are a relentless proposition, and go through a determined set of disciplines and drills that give the feeling of a relentless machine, a buzz saw or a grinder.

Club 3+2+1 Carusella, Julie Mittens, Kaspar van der Hoek Linkse Kerk, Leiden 31/


Save the Linkse Kerk! Stop the Greedheads and emotionally stunted bores that proliferate in the Randstad wrecking yet another place where interesting things happen.

The Julie Mittens – The Julie Mittens

Another cracking release from Holland’s finest purveyors of intelligent noise.

Incendiary interview the Julie Mittens.

The people of Helbaard and Sub71 are doing a great job for this area. More and more good bands are visiting from all over the globe so that's very inspirational...

The Julie Mittens – April, June

I know now and again I’m given to the odd hyperbolic statement, but really the Julie Mittens are psychic Rock Heroes of the first water.

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