Air Cav

Air Cav – Don’t Look Indoors

There is a groovy, raga quality to their sound, things can get spacey and tripped out, Here Be Dragons and the extended take on Alliance have something of a stripped down Bunnymen sound.

Air Cav / Driver Drive Faster – Cross Street Unitarian Chapel, Manchester 19/12/09

Later, the spirit of Mrs Gaskell is invoked as well as other more sinister things - such as beards and Chorlton.

Air Cav and Daniel Land and the Modern Painters – Sub 071 Leiden, Vera Groningen

By the time their tsunami of sound abated, the place was so overcrowded it felt like being back in the D.H.S.S. in the 1980’s.

Air Cav - Alliance/Branches

"Just when you think the last thing the world needs right now is another indie band from Manchester, one comes along that just make you feel like an idiot for thinking it."

Incendiary Magazine speaks to Air Cav

No, we don’t sound very ‘Manchestah’ – not the historical sound and certainly not like the current crop of bands from Manchester. We simply don’t have that clichéd Gallagher swagger, that faux-aggression that bands like The Courteeners play on continually which has actually become a bit dull; mainly because it’s become about ‘attitude’ and not the music.

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