Kingdom of Roger

J Edgar Hoova & the Body Removers -Take Your Dead Ass Home


I immediately flew into a huge whiskey-fuelled rage (from which Farnsworth still carries a slight limp in his right leg) before embarking on a rampage through the Roger studio destroying 17 Flying Vs, 412 pairs of sunglasses, 9 army jackets, 3 vintage bass guitars, 1 vintage copy of Playboy… nothing was spared – I destroyed or urinated on all of them.


Richard's Review of 2004

When you get to see Krautrock legends Jaki Leibezeit, Michael Rother, Hans Joachim Rodelius and Dieter Moebius all together in one night, (and actually talk to them afterwards) you can't get better.

Incendiary talk to Kingdom of Roger

We are 100% completely indestructible and cannot be beaten, either on the field or in court! Roger is positive and is about everyone – you too are a bad mothafonker and part of Roger's trip whether you like it or not

Kingdom of Roger - This is the Shit


Actually this is a review of the promo, but Roger were cool about incendiary printing it. All hail Roger!

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