Le Guess Who? Festival, Utrecht 30/11/12

I say this over and over; great music is informed by personality and intelligence – whether emotional or intellectual – coupled with the seizing of a moment to make the work itself. Not enough dudes take this on board nowadays, preferring to seek comfort in non-arguments and pseudo stylings. Well fuck that, Clinic were killer.

Clinic – Bubblegum

Clinic – Do It!

"Well, High Coin is pretty psychotic, it’s as if some mad record company exec has locked up a very early version of the Teardrop Explodes and Gene Pitney in a room and told them to be nice to each other."

Clinic - Funf

There's no filler or slightly less moments. If anything I think that Funf is going to find itself played more than their last LPs have been chez nous.

Clinic -Winchester Cathedral

Before I start, I just want to say that this C.D.'s cover art is crap.

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