Charlotte Hatherley

Charlotte Hatherley – New Worlds

A top LP, beautifully crafted and brimful of intelligence. And, just like everything the Lady Hath has done, ensure you get it.

Charlotte Hatherley Paradiso, Amsterdam 24/05/07

Off the band saunter, Miss H leaping from the stage like a March hare. A baying of devoted male voices ensures there is a three song encore ending with XTC's righteous This Is Pop.

Incendiary chow down with Charlotte Hatherley, part one

I mean being with a bunch of boys can be… you know you are on the tour bus and you have to adapt and ‘be' on the tour bus and embrace all that life style, or you have to react and go even further the other way and be a real girl about it.




Incendiary Chow Down with Charlotte Hatherley Part 2

There he is, writing songs for Jamie Cullum and Sophie Ellis Bexter and the chick from Atomic Kitten and I was thinking, ‘what are you doing? You're Andy Partridge from XTC!'


Charlotte Hatherley - The Deep Blue

Anyone who isn't bowled over by the riotous key change in Roll Over or knocked out by the brilliant acerbic guitar runs in Very Young really shouldn't be listening to pop music

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