Incendiary get taken for a ride by Kosmischer Läufer

Whatever, Kosmischer Läufer is a clandestine, Loki-esque version of what Dame Vera Lynne pedalled with White Cliffs of Dover. Or Public Service Broadcasting do with their debut release.

Deutsche Elektronische Musik – Experimental German Rock and Electronic Music 1972 – 83

But what interests those of us who have been around the krautblock are the tracks by the lesser-known bands.

Incendiary speak to Michael Rother

Maybe it is not apparent to the listener but it was and is always the same heart and mind behind my music. For me it feels like I’m moving in spirals and the ideas of Harmonia - as well as NEU! - are at all times close to my heart, and part of my thinking.

Walter Wegmuller - Tarot

I'd lay my critical life on the line and say that nothing catches rock and roll's soul in all its Gnostic guises more completely over a whole LP than Tarot. Simply put, it's got bloody everything.


Toon Festival Patronaat/Lichtfabriek, Haarlem - 7/04/06

"What can you say about Toon, except that it's the best festival in Holland? A hidden gem amongst all the media hype and mutual backslapping that is the curse of most festivals nowadays. "

Hans Joachim Rodelius & Tim Story - Lunz Reinterpretations


Unlike the new Pope he has worked in a Corsican nudist camp, knocked about with Joseph Beuys and looked after the Baader-Meinhof's children whilst they planned their next attack.


The (long and winding) Story of Neu!

Apart from the next two albums I'm going to review in this article, Deluxe is quite possible the greatest Krautrock album of them all..

Toon Festival Lichtfabriek, 14-18th 04, 04. by Richard Foster

"Ok, so we only went to one night. "

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