The Sugarettes

The Sugarettes - Destroyers of Worlds

Spring Break sounds – and I’m sorry but you can blame the music for making me write this nonsense - like a load of Girl Scouts going on a soft metal camping holiday. It’s fantastic and basic and does what all great pop does, shakes you to the core with its ridiculously overheated, panting, doe-eyed, hateful simplicity.

Incendiary interview Joep van Son from The Sugarettes and The Very Sexuals

I love choruses where you have to put your arms in the air. And I love male / female harmonies. The tension that you get when you sing with each other is amazing.

The Sugarettes - Love And Other Perversities

Are you single and sexually frustrated? Yes? Then here's your plan.

Incendiary spend some high times with the Sugarettes (part two)

I was going to say that I really hate cover bands, but seeing as Cox plays in a cover band I had better not say that too…

Incendiary spend some high times with the Sugarettes (part one)

She just runs her finger up and down a string, any string she fancies. One finger chords. When I come to the end of a song, I nod then she stops.

The Sugarettes - Sugarettecity EP

You used to get stuff like this on Creation Records; this is a classic EP, four tracks, each a perfect pop song in it's own right; exciting, funny, naïve and with enough charm to stop fights.

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