Bow Mods

Bow Mods – Eidetic

"Refreshingly the LP isn’t cluttered with references, or over eager to please; despite containing a Peter Warlock song (of all things), the music is quite happy to set the stage for Philip Clayton-Smith’s Gothic imaginings. "

Bow Mods - Country Girls EP

There's a degree of Kinks-like playfulness that never fails to catch you, even when the subject matter is a bit grim... stabbings in Safeways indeed.

Incendiary share a pint with Bow Mods

They've asked me back to judge for the semi-finals. An all expenses trip to Scarborough. Sinead Quinn, who came second in pop idol a couple of years ago, is another one of the judges and Lil Chris is performing. What a plethora of talent.

Incendiary share a pint with Bow Mods, part two

As Patrick Johns did say to me "When you started humping the floor during Country Girls it made me get a little bit of a funny feeling in my winkle" I said "that wasn't my intention Patrick, although you did look gorgeous in your hat"

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