Guided by Voices & Bob Pollard

Guided by Voices – Little English League / Glue on Bicycle

I always enjoyed the play off between Tobin Sprout and Captain Bob; Sprout’s gentle and witty Byrds/Beatles-isms doing battle with the “Roky fronts the Who” schlock that Pollard promotes.

Guided By Voices – Let’s Go Eat the Factory

I do find it a bit of a mixed bag; GBV were always a restless and slightly alien proposition, one that couldn’t really take time to worry about defining itself for eternital judgement.

Robert Pollard – Robert Pollard is Off to Business

"The old GBV aggrandisements seem to have worn themselves down into a crackled reflection. Still the songs are boss; as always he has a way with uplifting chord changes and knows exactly when to use a riff to its maximum effect. "

Doug Gillard - Salamander


Salamander is such a warm, charming record, you get the feeling after a few listens that you'd really like to hang out with Doug over a pint or two.


Robert Pollard - Fiction Man


Pollard's claim (invented entirely by Incendiary, I hope you understand) as to being the next artist to enter the pantheon of genius (sitting alongside such luminaries as Holger Czukay) has been strengthened considerably by Fiction Man.


The Back Catalogue of Guided By Voices

God knows how many side shows GBV members are in; I've got only two CD, Tobin Sprout's Moonflower Plastic, and Doug Gillard's 2006 solo LP Salamander (which are of course, great)...

Guided By Voices - Half Smiles of the Decomposed


Shit, it happened.


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