Robyn Hitchcock & the Soft Boys

Robyn Hitchcock - The Man Upstairs

The Man Upstairs, is a good record mind; and a sort of refocus, even a realignment, where the Hitch gently polishes his psychicke crystal ball, often using other Sonic Mages' cloths.

Robyn Hitchcock (and a smidgeon of Patti Smith) - Paradiso - 10/06/07

There was one “soliloquy” about Patti Smith and a tarantula, and another about an orphan in space whose sole contact with planet Earth was a transistor radio playing the Doobie Brothers…


The Back Catalogue of Robyn Hitchcock

 A mate called it punk's Trout Mask Replica. I don't know if that's true, but if it makes people draw connections like that one, you know that it's an essential if challenging record.

Robyn Hitchcock - Spooked


Welch and Rawlings seem to have brought a new focus and more importantly to have raised the competition bar, almost brought Mr H out of himself a bit. And this is a good thing.


Robyn Hitchcock live at the Purcell Rooms, London, October 2004

"Everyone went home happy, with that great warm feeling you'd get as a kid after you'd been to the pantomime."

Robyn Hitchcock & Heavy Friends, The Three Kings, Clerkenwell, by Richard Foster

As soon as I got out of Luton Airport, I realized that my attempts to look cool by wearing my “granddad chic” clothing would only result in a fully clothed sauna.....................

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