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The Long Blondes – Melkweg, Amsterdam 23/04/08

"Quite apart from their peculiar brand of dour charm they’re the only band who I reckon could get away with appearing on Last of the Summer Wine in an entirely non-ironic way. Simply put, whatever they do won’t change them as an entity. "

Incendiary go on a jolly with the Long Blondes (part one)

"It’s like we’ve purposefully made a difficult second album and I don’t hear any top ten smashes on there at all. It’s a way of setting our stall out. This album’s job is to point towards the third album. "

Incendiary go on a jolly with the Long Blondes (part two)

"We do try, spending hours and hours plotting on how to get onto the radio, and trying to keep up with developments on these social networking sites, all that and then you go back to the records we’ve made and it’s totally incongruous! "

The Long Blondes – Couples

"You might be a band genuinely enthralled with rock’s glorious and shamanic past, you might be able to re-create 1982 musically and you might release the sort of quality non-crowd pleasing single that hasn’t been seen since Freur’s Doot Doot, but will the kids care?



The Long Blondes - Tivoli, De Heiling 15/03/07

Afterwards autographs are signed and people can go off and practise dance moves in front of their mirror. Not that I am in any way decrying that. It's just as it should be.

The Long Blondes/De Nieuwe Vrolijkheid Rotown and the Paradiso, 5 & 6/12/06

Incendiary are instructed into the nefarious arts of necktie tying (bow tie for the gents and a style that shall henceforth be known as “The Jackson” for the ladies).


Incendiary interview The Long Blondes

"I believe we've got to be about being someone's favourite ever band. And that's not about selling so many albums, or fitting into a certain demographic, nor is it being cussedly out on a limb, it's more to do with contributing positively to a form of culture."

The Long Blondes - Someone to Drive You Home

"Singer Kate Jackson belts out this the lines “Nineteen, you're only nineteen for godssake” as if she was lecturing a class of freshers during their first term. "

London Calling part 2 - Paradiso, Amsterdam - 1/04/06

"Suddenly, after the music was all over, Incendiary got its second wind and decamped to a bar of choice with some band or other to talk about Evelyn Waugh and cheese. Weird eh? "




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