The Witch and the Robot - Fear of Mountains

It’s odd and threatening stuff, throwing up mental images of lost seventies weirdos opening the door to out-of-the-way cottages, being ripped off for ice cream in Clitheroe, that kind of thing.

The Witch and the Robot – On Safari

"Stylistically, this is a classic TWATR record; rumbling grooves, seemingly carved out of stone, agricultural psychedelia, a Luddite Moody Blues. Small town Iggy Pops trying to put on a musical."

The Witch and the Robot - Dying Mancake and the Creature Feature

"Imagine you're watching 1970s kids TV, probably the BBC, its 3 o clock and it's time for the educational “make your own instrument from a car wheel then play it in an orchestra with your mates” hippy nonsense that pervaded the airwaves at the time. You know the sort of thing, lots of well scrubbed kids playing recorders, usually presided over by Play Away's Brian Cant, or Heads and Tails' Derek Griffiths. Only this time don Van Vliet's in the studio. And he's pissed. "

Incendiary take a stroll with The Witch & the Robot

"We're havin' a bring-and-buy sale but we'll do a techno set over it. A techno second-hand-pant-ruck, that's what it's gonna be called."

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