Will Sergeant & Poltergeist & Glide

Glide – Assemblage One and Two

Deutschland, Deutsche –California, and now, Deutsche-Ormskirk. And nowt wrong with that!

Incendiary go to Incubate, Tilburg, Saturday 21/9/13

I mean everything’s cool and, (to quote Wymer from Vox von Braun), there are no problems, but… why on earth do the cars have to levitate above the tarmac tonight?

Poltergeist – Your Mind Is a Box Let Us Fill It with Wonder

Despite the long jams and proggy reference points, it’s a supremely easy record to get along with, easy to drop in to, as and when.

Poltergeist – Hoxton Bar & Grill 14/03/13

This is the music the ancients who put up stones at Callanish were listening to, but it was all just in their heads at the time.

Will Sergeant – Things Inside

...a quietly surprising and enervating listen: there are no trademark scathing guitar runs - you get the feeling that the discipline of making a record without an electric guitar has concentrated the mind on the job in hand. And as such the pieces, although intricately worked out, seem to allow other, previously unknown ideas and goals to bubble up to the surface.

Shoegaze – a quick trip abroad.

Before we take a trip it would be utterly remiss of me not to mention the pioneering work from the early '80s of Echo & the Bunnymen’s guitarist, Will Sergeant.

Glide - Curvature of the Earth


No one plays guitar as excitingly as Will Sergeant.

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