My Brightest Diamond

My Brightest Diamond - All things Will Unwind

a puckish, playful record of real charm and strength

Haldern Pop Day Three - 13/8/11

young embarrassed Germans told team Incendiary that by wearing tee shirts emblazoned with industrial diggers we were giving visual signals to other Teutons that we were Flash Harrys given to indulging in exciting sexual adventures

Incendiary interview My Brightest Diamond

I’m interested in fluidity. Part of the idea for many of the songs for the new LP (A Thousand Shark’s Teeth) especially the last half of the record; I’m allowing the melody to dictate what happens.

Haldern Pop Festival 2008, Part 2

"And anyway I packed my case and ran to Düsseldorf airport, but I forgot to wear any shoes, and the man at security just looked at me… I got some very nice trousers, very expensive but beautiful material. And that’s the reason I got divorced... "

Haldern Pop Festival 2008, Part 2

Friday 08/08/08

My Brightest Diamond - Tear it Down

With Shara Worden's band, it's all about the sense of unreality and wonder they create, and mercifully the collaborators have sense enough to mine this rich seam

My Brightest Diamond - Paradiso, Amsterdam - 13/02/2007

Is she a little girl?  Is she a rock goddess or is she an opera-diva-magic-fairy cast member of The Wizard of Oz?

My Brightest Diamond - Bring Me the Workhorse.

"Before you all decide that its just me getting hot under the collar about another LP full of female shrieking and moaning, and decide to leave me to my absurd musical folly let me tell you that this release is packed full of cracking rock tunes, that's right, choons."

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