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(6 Years of Multipleks!) The Truth, Helltard, Sugar Coated Mindbombs, Rogier, Leiden 13/18/12

The glowering tower block near Leiden station, a veritable blot on the landscape for the authorities was transformed – for one evening only - into an impromptu centre for all things Carnival and Saturnine.

SCMB + Badspeller + Shock Tapes +DebMaster + Donné et Desirée SUB071, Leiden 11/5/2012

What a strange night – some incredible highs and some frustrations it has to be said, but yet again SUB071 came up with something memorable. I don’t think I’ve ever been to a boring gig this past 5 years.

Spoelstra, Julie Mittens, The Ex – Baar En Boos Leiden, 18/02 /10

let’s look back with thanks; the place has been a source of genuine musical fun for us

Sub071 3 Year Punk Party

The singer looked completely off his head, part Admiral de Ruyter, part bricklayer.

Werfpop festival, Leiden 12/07/09

Napalm Death? In Leiden? And a children’s choir?

Tegendraads Festival – LVC Leiden 04/04/09

This skinny lad, who looks like some 10 year old who’s undergone severe stretching courtesy of a medieval dungeon, used a laptop, an Emu card and a keyboard to create a ferocious noise which Incendiary just couldn’t get enough of.


Julie Mittens continue to tear places apart to this day, and frankly they remain possibly the greatest free-rock band in Holland, if not Europe.

DSTRUCT plus WOT NXT: Tegendraads festival LVC, Leiden 29/03/2008

"The Wot Nxt corporation have always been held in high esteem in Incendiary’s heart, so when we found out that a festival was planned for the normally slumberous LVC, it didn’t take much persuasion to decide that time spent in watching the shenanigans would be time spent wisely (even if it did mean pissing around with those infernal beer tokens the place dishes out).



Machine Fabriek + Leo Fabriek

Be warned, this isn’t a release that will instantly grab you; its self effacing nature means that the listener needs time and patience, but it’s definitely worth it.

The Julie Mittens, Stiff River, Uw Hypotheekadvies - “Blue” EP

Three small cut and paste low-resolution photocopied sheets of paper give minimal information on the bands. We learn only that Uw Hypotheekadvies have "great legs".

Tenuzu No Chiizu and Boy Omega - LVP, Leiden 17/3/06

"One guy, apparently, was checking the band out with a view to booking them. Yet he stood right at the front (and to my chagrin) directly in front of me, talking away to his mate, his back turned to the stage, cheerfully ignorant of all around him"

Tenuzu No Chiizu - Girls Like Us

Stylistically it is a record that is very reminiscent of Popol Vuh's Hosiana Mantra, but rather less devotional and more sardonic in its tone.

Subbacultcha! - Not Everybody's Compilation

On to the inspired Hospital Bombers (well they must be with a name like that) and their brilliant Kittens. Of course, it's bonkers.

The Red Album - The Julie Mittens

As usual there are no track listings, and you the listener would be best advised to approach their music as if you were attending a classical or avant garde piece.

The Julie Mittens speak to Incendiary

Of course there's great music and less great music but we as humans seem unable to talk about it without the aid of moral lingo, which is totally unmusical...

The Label Review - WotNxt

Yes, it's an interview with Michel van Dam of the Wot Nxt organization, noise-niks supreme and flyers of the musical avant-garde flag in Holland.

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