Dance Record reviews

Wax, April 2005


Wax - Happy New Year!

"Anyway here's some more bustin' tunes to kick off the new year."

Xploding plastiX - Rotown, 30/10/04

"My godfathers, the drummer. A hulking, lolloping ingenue, fresh from a day's logging."

Wax, November


Slam - Year Zero

"The improvement in the abilities of Slam is easy to see, but will it cut the mustard in Danceland? "

Etienne de Crecy - Super Discount 2


Wax, November

JM" E.P. (Utensil) is a Latin House masterpiece, oh yes it is.

Super Discount 2

" This installment comes with a very similar game-plan, again de Crecy leads the pack but with a slightly different cast."

Slam; Year Zero

"By now it seems that Slam have ventured into lands anew, and instead of fumbling around in the dark they take a good stab at it, albeit with inspiration from other artists..."



DJ Richard van den Hoven reviews new gems currently spinning on his turn-table, (which, I've heard, is made entirely of dried leeks).

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