Chemikal Underground

Crossing Border festival 23-24/11/07

Mike Heron was asked such things as did the Incredible String Band’s magic carpet really accompany them around the gig circuit (yes, it did) and was Newcastle University still full of drunken Agric students? (Yes it is).

Mother and the Addicts - Science Fiction Illustrated

This is a work of stunning aplomb; if only for the fact the band manage to cherry pick some very modish (and recognisable) eighties sounds and, through the musical hamming up that goes on, somehow turn it into a credible, individual statement.

Various Scottish Artists and Writers - Ballads of the Book

In the words of Roddy Woomble from Idlewild; “the idea for this album was to see if these poems, which had their own worlds written into them, could mean something different when interpreted by another voice”. Well let me tell you, this CD is a triumphant justification of that idea.


Chemikal Underground Records - Chem 087 CD+DVD

"A truly great compilation from one of theee premier independent labels, covering the last ten years or so of recorded output. "

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