dNV and Appie Kim

Incendiary interview Appie Kim

We’re not polite anymore about things anymore, you know we just think right, we like that sound, and we’re gonna play it and tear down the fucking house! (Laughs)

Appie Kim – (=AOK)

The sounds contained on (=AOK) span the decades. There's fifties twang, and sixties garage, seventies rock, eighties thrash and so on – but the sound is never derivative.

Appie Kim, Pfaff, Moi Non Plus - Zaal 100, Amsterdam 29/06/07

Even the audience, replete in their “know it all ‘cos I'm in the media” Amsterdam confidence are impressed... of course they don't show it too much.

De Nieuwe Vrolijkheid - Blood on the Floor

Simply put, no Dutch band ever sounded like this. For a brief moment dNV really did burn bright as a creative force. Their shows were one-offs; extraordinary fusions of naivety, brilliance, disaster, truculence and vision.

Metropolis, Rotterdam 03/07/06

"The heat is now ridiculous and the sun is in all its majesty. Like a true Englishman, I wilt. The band isn't helped by some atrocious sound, and a rather bonkers presenter - plucked from a children's TV slot - who has obviously never heard of them. "

De Nieuwe Vrolijkheid “The Boekhorststraat Interview”

"That's what Dutch people find offensive I guess. When you are not out to copy British or American bands, then there must be something fishy about it… what are you doing then?"

De Nieuwe Vrolijkheid “The Boekhorststraat Interview” part two

"My mother came from Indonesia with only mix tapes from there. Which are really great by the way! (Laughs) My father came from this very Catholic family where they only played Dutch folk music, and marching band music!"

De Nieuwe Vrolijkheid - De Nieuwe Anita 17/07/06

"I feel the krautrock similarities are fully justified, truly its like seeing early Can or T-Dream in their rawest incarnations. Drums are smashed, trombones & saxes are blown, the sound guy Marcel (part of the band) walks up to the front of the stage and adjusts some wires totally oblivious to the audience."

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