The Wedding Present

Primavera Sound 2012 Part 2 30/05/2012

God knows how, as the ID checking process is roughly akin to the border controls of a country that doesn't trust foreigners, the result being the slowest we've ever seen a sold out venue fill up.

The Wedding Present - Valentina

Over the years we’ve become well-informed on the ups and down of Gedge’s love life. Valentina plays like a catch-up with an old mate, full of extensive details and drowning sorrows. The opposite sex is an enigma, and Gedge’s stack of songs on the subject proves he’s no closer to solving such a riddle.

The Wedding Present – Live 1987

"Faux-camp, (Yoksheer style), honest endeavour, tremendous rhythm guitar work outs and Dave Gedge’s ever so slightly menacing growl keeping the cockles of your heart warm."

The Wedding Present - Search For Paradise - Singles 2004-5

"While the dvd overall is a fun accessory for the obsessive, it's hard to imagine the person who could really need a close-up of Gedge (in Interstate 5) lamenting “But I have this nagging fear that sex was all you needed” while looking exactly like your boss telling you off for poor timekeeping. "

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