james blackshaw

Le Guess Who Day Four 23/11/14 Dronefest, Sleaford Mods

See, this was the beauty of the whole drone scene; you just logged in or out when you needed to, it helped refresh the mind rather than zonk it out.

State X New Forms festival 14-15/12/07 Paard van Troje, Den Haag

"Splendidly, one of the young ladies asked was able to tell Mr Fowley that yes, she already had a charming boyfriend, and no, she would not be joining in a tantric embrace with him onstage. Great stuff."

James Blackshaw - O True Believers

"I would say that, on this album at least, the influence of Sandy Bull looms largest of all. (Having said that I have no knowledge of actually playing the guitar so treat this comment with caution - I could never stand the thought of having finger nails like Howard Hughes in his later days). "

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