The Smiths and Morrissey

The Smiths - The Tatty Truth

Try introducing someone to the Smiths by playing them Miserable Lie and I guarantee they'll run for the hills the second Moz starts yodelling.

Morrissey live at the Roundhouse - London

"I feel blessed to know that however pissed I was during Morrissey's set I actually got to see most of the show bar the few strategic toilet and bar breaks during songs like Life's a Pig-Sty, which was mind-bendingly bad and The World is Full-uh-ull-ur-ull of Crashing Bores."

Morrissey - Heineken Music Hall 10/04/06

"20 years ago was the last time I came face to shoe-leather with Morrissey. Still a relative slip of a lad (both of us) and right at the peak of his popularity (just him) at the Free Trade Hall in Manchester. "



Mono's review of 2004

Mono provides a vague description of past events.;

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