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Hefner – The Fidelity Wars

The name Hefner was always somewhat ironic. For whilst, as John Peel observed, ‘it’s always about sex with Hefner’ Darren Hayman’s lyrics never evoked the Playboy boss after whom he took his groups moniker.

Hayman, Watkins, Trout & Lee – Hayman, Watkins, Trout & Lee

The homespun nature of the project is emphasised by the art-work – paintings bought at charity shops in East London.

Letter from London: January adventures

Am I allowed to say 'I was there' if I arrived, saw it was full and then left? Probably not.


The Best of Hefner

"Hayman hasn't spent the last six months debating whether to try and hold a girl's hand; he's already slept with her. But Hefner didn't simply produce a bunch of songs about cute sex either…"

Darren Hayman - Table for One

"It's a jolly, life-affirming tale of ordinary people; “Trevor you should be getting laid/instead of playing bingo with me”. Oofph!"

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