scott walker

Letter from Sheffield

Talking of yearning after unattainable goals here's Scott in 2008: 'Essentially, I'm really trying to find a way to talk about the things that cannot be spoken of.'

Scott Walker Back Catalogue Part 4 - The Drift to Abstraction.

Mr. Dawson required a clear head to contemplate the latter career of Scott Walker. Just the mention of the name made Mr. Dawson wince. Thinking about Tilt, in his condition?

The back catalogue of Scott Walker - part the third.

Good lord look at the cover of Stretch (happily reproduced on this now double release). A smiling Scott, an image to freeze the blood of any young poet

The back catalogue of Scott Walker part 2

Unbidden, the man proceeded to unburden himself of this memory. It turned out that he was the cleaner in the studios where Scott 3 was recorded. He told tales of Wally Stott that beggared belief and can not be repeated here for decency's sake.

The back catalogue of Scott Walker - part 1

Being the last Friday before Christmas, the local gasworks in Great Harwood naturally held its annual staff party in the nearest pub available. And, naturally, it was deemed that – as ever – the party should start with a late luncheon of pies and savouries at two o clock in the Royal public house, Great Harwood, Lancs.

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