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What's happening round at my space?

"Here's another lucky dip bag, filled to the brim with info on some of the best bands we've discovered on My Space over the last few weeks."

Cath Aubergine's musical guide to Manchester


As for three great unsigned Manchester acts? Right now I'd plump for the gloriously summery indie-pop of AMIDA (yes, the sun's even shining in Manchester today!), the excellent intense space-rock of THE SECOND FLOOR and the slightly deranged one-man electronic pop cynic that is THE STARFIGHTER PILOT.


The Music Lovers - The Words We Say Before We Sleep

The Music Lovers are swish. Swish because they're talented.

Myspace Music review April 2006

"New myspace bands for you to love kids!"

More Myspace bands!

"Group Sounds is the NYC party boy band notorious for wild live acts that usually include a strip show by keyboardist "sexy" Joe."

Friends of the Arctic Circle and David Sugar

Game Boy pop for the people  versus part of that South Cumbria sound! All very intriguing eh?

Part one of our trawls through the wonderful world of myspace.

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