Talking Heads

David Byrne & Fatboy Slim – Here Lies Love

a pop-operatic piece of disco theatre detailing the life of Imelda Marcos

The Back Catalogue of Talking Heads - Part Three

Byrne lays his cards on the table with Now I'm Your Mum. It's a ridiculously upbeat tune and runs through three or four different grooves before it finishes. It's packed with horns and Byrne's falsetto – after all, this is a song about having a sex change operation.

The Back Catalogue of Talking Heads - Part Two

They were having to set themselves challenges and ultimately I don't think Byrne's heart was in it. How much time had he spent with the rest of the band since 1984? You could probably count it in terms of weeks.

Talking Heads Back Catalogue- Part the First

And there we have it – the years 77 – 82. These were the most fertile years in the Talking Heads story and they are the ones that stand up to most scrutiny.

Talking Heads - The Name of This Band is Talking Heads - C.D. re-issue


Byrne always reminded me of John Cleese without the moustache.

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